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Late Shri Kanti Devi founded the Pickle and Murabba business in 1978. It is a family-run enterprise based in Delhi, enjoys the reputation as one of the largest producers of homemade Pickle and Murabba products. Every year, we pick fresh ingredients and go through the entire process of Making pickles and packaging every single jar ourselves to produce the same taste

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बांस के फायदे, बांस का मुरब्बा के फायदे जानें:

बांस (Bamboo) के आयुर्वेदिक गुण कमाल हैं. बांस की पत्ती, फूल, कोंपल, तना का प्रयोग कई रोगों में फायदेमंद हैं. आमतौर पर बांस मकान बनाने में प्रयोग होता है क्योंकि बांस सड़ता नहीं और नमी में भी सालों साल चलता है.

– बांस के रस में अदरक का रस, शहद मिलाकर पीने से खांसी शांत होती है. बांस के फूल का 2-3 बूँद रस दिन में 3-4 बार कान में डालने से बहरेपन के रोगी को आराम मिलता है और धीरे धीरे सुनाई देने लगता है.

– बांस की पतली टहनी से दातुन करने से दन्त-रोग, मुख की दुर्गन्ध, दांतों का दर्द दूर होते हैं.

CACTUS SPICES ORGANIC Jaggery Powder “True Source of Immunity”

Jaggery is a natural sweetener and it’s a good source of iron,magnesium,calcium and phosphorus. It helps in digestion also.

it is wonderful Jaggery powder from Cactus Spices and is totally organic 100% Organic Jaggery Powder without any preservatives. Now it is easy to use it instead of sugar in my toddler meal like Porridge, Cereal, Milkshake, Pancakes, Cakes, Muffins, Halwa and Kheer. As it is Excellent source of iron and boost digestion and it has become boon for us that it can add this easily in anything and my toddler loves it.

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. It can reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone in men, and even boost brain function.

Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus. It’s a member of the asparagus family. It’s also an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogenic herbs are said to help your body cope with physical and emotional stress.

Brahmi is a very popular Ayurvedic brain tonic. Brahmi powder is made from the leaves of Bacopa monnieri. It has strong cognitive & stress relieving properties. Brahmi is also known as a brain tonic.

Benefits of Jaggery

1. Helps prevent constipation

2. Controls blood sugar

3. Helps boost immunity

4. Maintains intestinal health

5. Treats symptoms of cold & flu

6. Helps treat urinary tract issues

7. Helps prevent anemia

8. Aids in weight management

9. Source of energy


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