With Southern Green as your premiere landscaping company, we will create an outdoor living space on your residential property that you and your family can enjoy. We are a company who provides unique hardscape and softscape landscaping and creates ideas that are out the box ideas for our clients. Our landscaping company has been installing outdoor living spaces for over 10 years in the South Carolina area, including Charleston and the surrounding areas. We focus on landscape design and will make your dreams become a reality in your very own backyard.

At your home, you will get a unique experience for your landscaping needs. We are a one stop landscaping company for our clients that will create your visions using our state of the art technology. Our company has designers that are able to design and implement your landscaping ideas electronically using Digital Photo Imaging (DPI).  Digital Photo Imaging (DPI) is the process of taking a photograph and plugging in real photos of plants, trees, hardscapes from a computer based software. This let’s our clients get a vision of what their project will look like and allow for any edits or changes made prior to installation. The number 1 goal of our company is to make sure our clients are happy with the end results. Once these are approved, internally we have our landscaping team begin the installation process. The transition from the design team to the installation process is an easy one, because all of our team works for the same company.

At Southern Green we pay close attention to detail and have a gallery of landscaping design results that reflect this. Our landscaping design strategy is unlike any other company because we are original thinkers that are constantly looking for new and improved ways to be a step ahead of our competition. We custom build all of our landscaping projects, so you will never see your feature or living spaces on another Southern Green property.